The place is quiet, away from the busy city and is about 4 km from the center of Carpineti, where you can find all the shops you need (supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, newsagents, stationery, pharmacy etc).

Unfortunately no public transport to travel to Carpineti therefore, for move (even for a simple expenditure at the supermarket) you need a vehicle just like the car. Alternatively, we gladly offer to do the daily shopping to those who has no means of transport (eg. elderly)

Cerpiano is crossed by the famous Spallanzani Path-CAI (Ventoso di Scandiano - S. Pellegrino in Alpe), now known by all lovers of hiking (do not worry, a quick stretch is viable even for those unwilling to make a path too demanding).

For those who enjoy village festivals and celebrations of the country, both in summer and winter, in Carpineti, and also in neighboring countries, you will find events and food stands where you can buy local products. In HOME you will find the events and their dates.

You can visit our dairies across the Appennino Reggiano and, without intermediaries, rediscover the most naturals and healthy dairy products: butter, "ricotta", fresh cheeses, all made without preservatives! In any case, we also provide to sales of these products, thanks to Latteria Sociale Cagnola of Castelnuovo ne 'Monti, where we bring our milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano.

For nightlife there are pubs, swimming pools with disco or live music, reachable a few kilometers from Carpineti.

We will be happy to advise even some nearby restaurant both to savor the local produce that for a classic pizza.