About us

Cerpiano is a haven of peace which lies between the hills of  Appennino Reggiano and offers, in addition to the peaceful place so desired and immersed in green , various opportunities for recreation in both summer and winter. 

We will be glad to let you know our places, starting from here, from the village of Onfiano,  which is about 4 km from the City of Carpineti, where is the famous Castello delle Carpinete a hallmark of renowned Terre di Matilde

You will find a range of activities related to the territory such as hiking, fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding and many more.

The pleasure of retreat in an oasis of peace also means to enjoy a good book in the garden, a gentle stroll in the evening after dinner, watch your child to play on the grass, the recovery of small pleasures of life for those in the year are dragged from the everyday routine.

Ideal vacation spot in winter thanks to the short distance from the known ski lifts of Cervarezza Febbio, Cerreto.

In the evenings, even for younger people, there are restaurants, pubs and live music nearby.

Your children will have the opportunity to have fun in the outdoors and play with barnyard animals .

The Fam Bertolini will welcome you with simplicity in Cerpiano, to spend nice moments and hoping to have you as guests a second time!


Mariaelena, Osanna, Emilio